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Some Birthdays
1. Neil Hawryliw ( age: 60 )
Neil Hawryliw (born November 19, 1957) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey right winger who played in one National Hockey League game for the New York Islanders during the 1981–82 NHL season.
2. Neil Mann (footballer) ( age: 45 )
Neil Mann (born 19 November 1972 in Nottingham, England) is a former professional footballer who made 177 appearances in the Football League playing for Hull City and Scarborough. He currently works as Youth Recruitment Officer for Hull City.
3. Nicole Forester ( age: 45 )
Nicole Forester is an Emmy Award-nominated American actress who was born on November 19, 1972, in Ann Arbor, Michigan as Nicole Theresa Schmidt. She joined the cast of the CBS soap opera Guiding Light on November 4, 2005, taking over the role of Cass
4. Nicole P. Stott ( age: 55 ) ( Astronaut, Engineer )
Nicole Marie Passonno Stott is an American engineer and a NASA astronaut. She served as a Flight Engineer on ISS Expedition 20 and Expedition 21 and was a Mission Specialist on STS-129. She is scheduled to fly again as a Mission Specialist on STS-133
5. Penelope Leach ( age: 80 ) ( Psychologist )
Dr. Penelope J. Leach (born Penelope Jane Balchin, 19 November 1937 Hampstead, London) is a British psychologist who writes extensively on parenting issues from a child development perspective. Her best-known book is Your Baby and Child: From Birth t
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