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Some Birthdays
1. Kevin James Maher ( age: 35 ) ( Musician, singer-songwriter, sound designer, record producer )
Kevin “Kevvy Mental” Maher (born in 1987 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian musician, film composer, remix artist and music producer, most notable for his work in Fake Shark - Real Zombie! as lead Vocalist and Programmer.
2. Khodayar Sheibani ( age: 40 )
Khodayar Sheibani is an Iranian photographer .
3. Klairung Treejaksung ( age: 45 )
Klairung Treejaksung is a former Thailand national team player. He currently plays for Bangkok Bravo in Thai Division 2 League.
4. Kunihiko Takizawa ( age: 40 )
is a Japanese football player currently playing for Bangkok Glass.
5. Lamond Murray ( age: 45 )
Lamond Maurice Murray is an American professional basketball player who last played with the NBA's New Jersey Nets. In 2009, Lamond Murray joined the Bahrain Basketball Association in Bahrain. He plays for Al-Muharraq Sports Club. Murray was sele
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