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Some Birthdays
1. Manuel Fraga Iribarne ( age: 95 )
Manuel Fraga e Iribarne (born 23 November 1922) is a Spanish People's Party politician. Fraga's career as one of the key political figures in Spain straddles both General Francisco Franco's dictatorial regime and the subsequent transition
2. Mark Radice ( age: 60 ) ( Musician, Songwriter, Producer )
Mark Radice is an American singer/musician and producer, who has worked with a variety of different artists and achieved minor success with his own material in the 1970s. Having worked with Jim Henson on several tunes for The Muppets TV show in the m
Michael Petri (born November 23, 1977) is a German footballer who plays as a striker for SV Rot-Weiß Hasborn-Dautweiler. Petri has spent much of his career in the South-west region, but also played for VfL Osnabrück, for whom he made 25 appearances i
4. Michael Wenczel ( age: 40 )
Michael Wenczel (born 23 November 1977 in Heilbronn) is a German footballer playing for FC Ingolstadt 04 II. He also holds Hungarian citizenship.
5. Michał Łogosz ( age: 40 )
Michał Andrzej Łogosz (born November 23, 1977 in Płock) is a male badminton player from Poland. He was named Best Sportsman in Plock in 1995.
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