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Some Birthdays
1. John Howard Lindauer ( age: 80 ) ( Publisher )
John Howard Lindauer II (born on November 20, 1937 in Montclair, New Jersey) served as Chancellor for the University of Alaska Anchorage from 1976 to 1978 then was Dean of the School of Business and Public Affairs. He was the Republican Party candida
2. John Van Boxmeer ( age: 65 )
John Martin Van Boxmeer (born November 20, 1952 in Petrolia, Ontario) is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player. He has also served extensively as a hockey coach with various teams from 1984 to the present.
3. Jordan O'Connor ( age: 45 ) ( musician, composer )
Jordan O'Connor is a Canadian musician (electric and double bass), composer and audio engineer. Jordan is currently signed to Candyrat Records and also works through is own production company The Breath .
4. Julian Hails ( age: 50 ) ( English footballer )
Julian Hails (born 20 November 1967) is a former professional English footballer, who played in the Football League as a midfielder for Fulham and Southend United. He is now a maths teacher.
5. Junivan Soares de Melo ( age: 40 )
Junivan Soares de Melo (born 20 November 1977 in Amazonas) is a Brazilian football player.
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