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Some Birthdays
1. Marcel Garvey ( age: 35 )
Marcel Garvey (born 21 April 1983) is an English rugby union player. He is first generation British born with Jamaican parents, Almando and Glasmie Garvey. He went to St Peter's High School, Gloucester, the same school as former Gloucester team-m
2. Marco Donadel ( age: 35 )
Marco Donadel is an Italian football midfielder, currently playing for ACF Fiorentina. He is known for his powerful long range shots.
3. Matteo Serafini ( age: 40 ) ( Italian football player )
Matteo Serafini (born 21 April 1978 in Brescia) is an Italian football player. He currently plays for Aurora Pro Patria 1919.
4. Michael Zarnock ( age: 60 )
Michael Zarnock (born April 21, 1958 in Utica, New York) is an American writer of collector guides and articles about Hot Wheels toy cars and accessories. Zarnock is known for a massive Hot Wheels collection that earned him a Guinness World Record ti
5. Mike Barson ( age: 60 ) ( Songwriter, musician )
Mike Barson (born Michael Barson, 21 April 1958, Edinburgh, Scotland) is a British musician, best known as a founding member and keyboardist of the second wave ska band, Madness.
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