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Some Birthdays
1. Buddy MacKay ( age: 85 ) ( American politician )
Kenneth Hood "Buddy" MacKay, Jr. (born March 22, 1933) is an American politician and diplomat from Florida. A Democrat, he was briefly the 42nd Governor of Florida following the death of Lawton Chiles on December 12, 1998. During his long public serv
Charles A. Langlois (born 22 March 1938) was a member of the Canadian House of Commons from 1988 to 1993. His background was in administration. Langlois was born in Sainte-Marthe-de-Gaspé, Quebec and was educated at Collège Notre-Dame-des-Champs. He
3. Christopher Wheeldon ( age: 45 )
See also Category: Ballets by Christopher Wheeldon Christopher Wheeldon is an international choreographer of contemporary ballet. Born in Somerset, England, to an engineer and a physical therapist, Wheeldon began training to be a ballet dancer at the
4. Cory Rodgers ( age: 35 )
Dacor Tremaine "Cory" Rodgers (born February 22, 1983) is a professional football wide receiver who is currently a free agent. He played collegiately for Texas Christian University.
5. Dagoberto ( age: 35 )
Dagoberto Pelentier (born 22 March 1983) is a Brazilian professional footballer nicknamed Dagoberto who currently plays as a striker for São Paulo. Born in Dois Vizinhos, he formerly played for Atlético Paranaense.
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