Some Birthdays
1. Heather Fargo ( age: 65 ) ( Politics )
Heather Fargo (born December 12, 1952, in Oakland, California) is a former Mayor and former City Council Member of Sacramento, California. She was sworn in as Mayor in November 2000, replacing Jimmie Yee, and served until December 2008, when she was
2. Hiromi Kojima ( age: 40 )
Hiromi Kojima is a former Japanese football player who recently played for J. League Division 2 side FC Gifu.
3. Holly Gagnier ( age: 55 ) ( Actress )
Holly Gagnier is an American actress. She is best known for her long running stints on daytime's One Life to Live, and Days of our Lives. She has been seen on shows ranging from Murder, She Wrote to Wings showcasing her skills as a comedic and dr
4. Jacques Nasser ( age: 70 ) ( Chairman of BHP Billiton, Managing Director of One Equity Partners, former CEO of Ford Motor Company )
Jacques Nasser (born 12 December 1947, Amyoun, Lebanon) is an Australian business executive, who served as CEO of the Ford Motor Company, serving from 1998 until 2001. He was nominated as Chairman of BHP Billiton, the World's largest mining compa
John Albert "Pie, Bronco" McKenzie is a retired Canadian professional hockey player.
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