Buffalo crime family


Some Birthdays
1. Giovanni Zucca ( age: 110 )
Giovanni Zucca (born December 11, 1907 in Sestri Ponente) was an Italian professional football player. He played 2 games in 2 seasons in the Serie A for A.S. Roma.
2. Glenn F. McConnell ( age: 70 )
Glenn F. McConnell is a Republican member of the South Carolina Senate, representing the 41st District since 1980 and currently serving as President Pro Tempore. McConnell was one of several South Carolina politicians credited with playing a key role
3. Ion Creangă (jurist) ( age: 55 ) ( Jurist )
Ion Creangă (born December 11, 1962, Goteşti) is a Moldovan jurist and the head of the Legal Department of the Parliament of Moldova.
4. Jackie Gallagher-Smith ( age: 50 )
Jackie Gallagher-Smith (born December 11, 1967) is an American professional golfer who played on the LPGA Tour. Gallagher-Smith has won once on the LPGA Tour in 1999. Gallagher-Smith's brother, Jim Gallagher, Jr. , has won on the PGA Tour, making
5. Jasper Britton ( age: 55 ) ( Actor )
Jasper Britton, (born 11 December 1962) in is an actor. Britton is the son of veteran actor Tony Britton, and Danish sculptor and member of the World War II Danish Resistance Eva Castle Britton (née Skytte Birkefeldt). His half-sisters are television
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